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We accept Cosplay Commission, please feel free to send us the picture you want to custom make a costume or shoes, we will reply you in details with quotation! "Make my own size" or "Cosplay commission" will take at least 2 weeks ~ 1.5 month to make the costume, please be patient until we are ready to ship your order!

Please feel free to visit our cosplay costumes pages and uniform pages to see how our work have been done!

Thank you for your support and choosing!

Please Email us your inquiry.

Make my own size / custom make order:

If you have chosen "Make my Own Size" in the size choosing for any costumes order, please email us the following information in cm as below:

(Make my Own size order will take at least 2-7 weeks to process, please be patient until the costume is ready to ship.)

1. Gender

2. Height

3. Chest

4. Shoulder's Width (Left shoulder to right shoulder)

5. Waist (Please mention which part of the waist)

6. Hip

7. Desire Sleeves Length (if applicable)

8. Desire Skirt/Pants Length (if applicable)

9. Head circle width (for hat making, if applicable)

10. Neck round measurement

11. Shoulder to waist

12. Waist to feet

For shoes:

1. feet size in cm

2. upper and lower leg circum (if for boots)

Also, Please specify the fabric & color you would like to have the costume made (please attach the color picture if possible). If requests are not specified, we will make original like the picture shown in the item you have purchased.

Cosplay commission will be accepted due to customers' request. Please send your request with pictures to, we will quote you the best price and details.